Rome, 1930. The district was created far from the city center. And we were born in the district, we are DISTRICT8.

Outside the master plan, outside the box. Its distance from the city’s beating heart has allowed those living here to develop new ideas, think laterally. Naturally chaotic, spontaneously welcoming. Like Rome and its citizens.

Lost, distant from Roman rigor. The DISTRICT8 team has many years of experience in the footwear industry. Our shoes are made with unique and fine leathers, paying special  attention to detail and the search for materials. Beyond the type, all the materials used during the production process must meet our (quite high) expectations. With the desire  to offer special shopping experiences, DISTRICT8 is inspired by everyday life, by the people it wants to accompany in the day-to-day.

“STEP INTO IT”: take a step and begin your journey through our streets. You don’t know what may be lurking around the corner; the important thing is to know where you want to go.


“Ars”: practical method, technique.
What sets craftsmen apart? Well, their observation. Observing, understanding and learning the dynamics of shop work.

This craft, among the first that man has ever learned and handed down, has overcome thousands of years of changes and revolutions. Globalization has never stopped it, and when talking about craftsmanship it’s impossible not to mention Italian craftsmanship. Counted among the oldest and most important in the world, it has a history to be envied and its fortune is still steeped in culture and society. Since 2016, the Made in Italy marking has only been allowed on products entirely Made in Italy.

When and how was Made in Italy defined? It’s an interesting story. We certainly won’t miss the chance to tell you about it.


DISTRICT8 makes this philosophy its own and is committed to representing the excellence of Made in Italy through high-quality products, design, and the continuous search for materials.

That’s why it goes beyond mere work.